selene jiang-qin

I hate talking about myself, but in case you'd like to know, I'm a freshman at Lick-Wilmerding High School who kind of just wants to design, cook (and eat), and play soccer. I'm a twin with a weakness for ice cream and all things lemon. I love travelling all over and exploring cultures through food, which has shaped my love for cooking. I've started graphic designing over shelter-in-place and have an app (the Spirits) in the Apple app store in collaboration with my twin. I've also dabbled into 3D design and am working on the assets for a 3D endless runner. I also have the coding languages Python, Swift, HTML and CSS under my belt. In my free time, I cook with my twin and log pictures on our Instagram. I've also got a passion for soccer and play for SF Elite in the NPL of my age group. I try to skateboard too, but am limited to ollying and attempting kickflips.

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